A new garage door is today synonymous with comfort, insulation, safety and aesthetics. Let yourself be guided … and ask yourself the right questions to prepare your purchase.

Opening type:

Depending on the space available, various opening solutions are possible.

Sectional door.

Made up of several articulated panels, it is the most recent solution, it slips on the ceiling or on a wall section (sectional ceiling, or lateral sectional). 

Tilting door.

Composed of a single panel that tilts upward, it offers many systems depending on the configuration of the garage. 

Rolling door.

Consisting of aluminum blades that wraps in a trunk located above the garage opening, it completely releases the interior space of the garage. 

Swing door.

Two panels that open outward like a portal. This solution requires a lot of room to the outside. Delicate motorization.

Folding door.

Like an accordion, the panels fold back on themselves. The walls and ceiling of the garage remain free, no overflow to the outside but a place to provide inside the garage. No motorization possible.

The Gate: A second entrance for the house!

The door will fit on the sectional and tilting doors, open outwards and allow additional access to the house. The garage door with gate will have to be studied from the angle of security in the design of a door in the door, robust and reliable. As for the front door some models are provided for access to people with reduced mobility. You can test and maneuver a garage door with a gate in all Weighing stores.

The motorization:

Comfort, safety and durability are the 3 advantages of the motorization.

No more getting off of his car and a remote beep triggering opening and garage lighting bring comfort and safety. The automatic locking of the door once closed, the detection of obstacle to stop the door and bring it up, the counterpoise in case of attempted break-in, are all advantages that you will not be able to do without, not to mention that the openings are smooth, which gives longevity to your motorized garage door.To fully enjoy your motorized garage door, you will prefer to have several remote controls or a digital lock. 

garage door


In color.

With or without a porthole, your automatic garage door harmonizes with your home and your front door.


As far as you can imagine, at Weigerding the color charts have no limit.


They bring light into the garage and give a style that is unique to you. At Weighing all styles are presented in our 6 showroom stores.Coordinating patterns with the entrance door, a Weighing exclusive. New, you can coordinate your garage door and your front door by choosing from the Weighing catalog the style you want to give your home. Choice of colors, materials, glazing inserts, handles …. Everything is allowed !


The installation of your garage door requires a perfect measurement and calibration, guaranteeing the insulation and sealing of your door. Our specialized installers know how to adapt to the most complicated configurations. Our advisers and experts are at your disposal in all stores of the brand.

The tailor-made:

At weighing, we work all garage doors, from custom-made to standard. From the largest to the smallest garage door, we will adapt our proposal by guiding you in choosing the type of opening and type of materials.

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