The (Internet of Things) has received a very home automation good boost in recent years, also in 2019. Innovative solutions in the field of security, cloud data processing, home automation monitoring and even smart padlocks . The generation appreciates the Internet of Things in a positive way and that’s good.

But in principle, any technology home automation capable of revolutionising the whole world, such as the Internet of Things, must become cheaper and cheaper to penetrate the common user market. Looks like thousands of newbies are working hard on this project, but practical affordability remains a question.

home automation

home automation plan

When it comes to the Internet of Things, consumers are really worried about the brand. The quality of the light, the durable solution and the easy connectivity with existing solutions of automation such as Google Home or Alexa is also an important decision factor. The Internet of Things: An informed public is also concerned about the security of these solutions.

In other words, a new brand may seem more vulnerable and less good than Philips Hue. The trust we have in brands automation certainly plays a major role in decision making. Consumers are choosing high-quality brands or simply abandoning the home automation plan.

But it’s still expensive. The quality of the product comes at a fairly high price, but there is more to it.


Surveillance camera solutions offer cloud storage automation and are accessible from anywhere and anytime. They offer a small amount of storage for free, but then it becomes more expensive to store even more data, depending on the packaging. The entire start-up world is looking for subscriptions to increase recurring revenue, where the cloud is one of the top-selling subscriptions for services.

The subscription package is indeed a necessity to make good use of these solutions. This makes the solution more expensive.

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