The Professional Association of Exercise physiologist Newcastle has highlighted the important work they perform in the prevention of skin cancer and other skin lesions caused mainly by the sun.

The organism has pronounced like this on occasion since 2000 and in which the information on the importance of taking measures against the sun intensifies, taking into account, especially the doubts of patients with skin lesions.

Exercise physiotherapist newcastle

Exercise physiologist Newcastle

“Due to the characteristics of our work, in which we usually have direct contact with some areas of the body that are difficult to access visually, such as the back or the back of the legs, Exercise physiologist newcastle must be proactive in the health care of our patients to detect possible cutaneous lesions “, explained the vice-secretary general.

Similarly, physiotherapist Newcastle recalled that some athletes, such as cyclists, and seniors are the profiles in which we must pay special attention because they have a higher risk of injuries of this type.

“Also, given the condition of professional exercise physiologist newcastle have to have the basic knowledge to be able to transmit the necessary information to the patient in case of detecting any suspicion of skin injury and referral to the physiotherapist Newcastle,”

For this reason, Professionals explained, the collegiate institution will implement a series of initiatives that allow Exercise physiologist newcastle to acquire more knowledge on this subject and be able to offer much more complete care.

The Professional Association of Exercise physiologist newcastle has recommended dancing in all its styles as a healthy way to stay active without being exposed to a significant risk of injury.

As reported by the College in a statement, and in the framework of the campaign ’12 months, 12 health councils’, the month of June is dedicated to recommendations on dance and how to enjoy this activity without injury.

For this, they have spread a video that has made next to the Exercise physiologist newcastle. In the clip, physiotherapist Newcastle recommend carrying out a warm-up before starting the activity that guarantees that the body is prepared gradually, from less to more.

“Making slight movements before starting to dance will help us prepare the muscles and joints for this activity and avoid possible injuries,”

Exercise physiotherapist newcastle

Likewise, the professionals have advised using suitable clothing and footwear, since each modality has its particularities and to take the proper equipment is beneficial to prevent possible injuries and to perfect the technique.

In this sense, they have stated that concentration and physical preparation are also fundamental in dance. “Exercise physiologist newcastle must also consider that, in general, dance is an activity in which one interacts directly or indirectly with others, so respecting the space of others is fundamental,”

Finally, they have advised to consult the physiologist newcastle, not only if there is a problem or some discomfort, but also to support the preparation of the body.

Thus, with this campaign, they want to prevent injuries caused by bad habits through a series of animated shorts that are broadcast every month through different media, including social networks and the media.

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